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CBS Evening News: ‘Embarrassed Democrats’ Trying to ‘Turn Gruber into a Stranger’

After nearly three days of blackout on the subject, CBS News finally reported on Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s "embarrassing" comments about selling the unpopular health care law to ‘stupid’ American voters in order to make it politically palatable.

"MIT professor Jonathan Gruber was an intellectual architect of Obamacare," CBS reporter Wyatt Andrews said. "But here at a conference last year, he said the law was written to hide crucial details from an American public too dumb to understand."

Andrews noted that "embarrassed" Democrats "quickly distanced themselves from Gruber." Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) "turned Gruber into a stranger," while the White House claimed he never worked there.

"But when the bill was being written, the administration paid Gruber almost $400,000 for technical advice on drafting the law," Andrew said. "Republicans, for their part, turned Gruber into an all-important player."

Andrews said Gruber’s comments would serve as "ammunition" for congressional Republicans looking to scale back or defund Obamacare.