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Brian Williams on U.N. Speech: Was Trump’s Use of ‘Sovereignty’ a ‘Dog Whistle?’

MSNBC host Brian Williams floated the idea Tuesday that President Donald Trump's repeated use of the word "sovereignty" during his United Nations speech earlier in the day might have been a purposeful "dog whistle."

Williams analyzed Trump's speech with McClatchy Company White House correspondent Anita Kumar.

"Back to this use of this word ‘sovereign' and ‘sovereignty.' Did you hear a buzzword or a dog whistle in his repeated use of that word?" Williams asked.

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"We knew he was going to talk a little bit about that…" Kumar said. "We were sort of expecting this theme, but it was just way more – it was just over the top."

"You know, it caused me to go back through and count how many times, and so, he used that word ‘sovereign' or ‘sovereignty' 21 times. It was definitely the word," she continued.

"What does that mean?" asked Williams.

"It just means what he was talking about from the beginning, which is "America first," ‘we’re going to go it alone,’" she explained.