Bolton PAC Releases First Ad on Benghazi

Ad features N.H. congresswoman stumbling over Benghazi questions

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton's super PAC has released its first ad in New Hampshire, mocking Rep. Ann Kuster (D., N.H.) for being "clueless about Benghazi."

The ad features footage of Kuster at a town hall meeting, where she stumbles over a question about Benghazi: "Um…I don't have…that…it's a…Senate…Um I don't think we have anything about that in the House…"

"We're certainly not here to talk about it, we're here to talk about the Middle East," Kuster says, prompting audience members to exclaim "That is the Middle East!"

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"This isn't a geography lesson, but Congresswoman Ann Kuster should have known better," Bolton says in the ad.

Bolton ends the video urging attention to national security issues, and declaring, "New Hampshire deserves better representatives in Congress than Ann Kuster."