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Begala Says Clinton’s Trustworthy Numbers Irrelevant to Electability, Cuomo Calls That ‘Sad Commentary’

CNN host Andrew Cuomo called Democratic strategist Paul Begala’s defense of Hillary Clinton’s trustworthy numbers a "sad commentary" Wednesday on New Day.

Begala, a former Bill Clinton employee, said the election is not about voters’ trust in the candidate but that Americans will trust the candidate will fight for them.

"Finally, I worked for another Clinton in the 90s," Begala said. "On Election Day [in 1996], Bill Clinton's trust was 41 percent. And yet he won 31 states plus the District of Columbia, 379 electoral votes … The trust question for voters is do I trust you to fight for me and not for special interests?"

"It's kind of a sad commentary, Paul, across the board," Cuomo said. "I mean it just is."

Clinton has a seen a sharp decline in the number of people that see her as trustworthy and honest. The drop comes after Clinton refused to hand over her private server, where her State Department emails were stored. Clinton and her staff wiped the server and deleted over 33,000 emails.

Clinton defended her actions and said the reason for her declining trustworthy numbers is because of a barrage of baseless attacks against her.