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Barber: Documents Show Hillary As Coldly Political, Intimately Involved in Healthcare Push

Washington Free Beacon writer Ellison Barber discussed the Clinton Presidential Library's initial release of withheld documents Friday on Fox News.

Barber said after her still yet to be completed review of the documents certain details from the 1994 section on HillaryCare are striking. According to the documents, part of the Clinton administration's strategy rested on using veterans as political "pawns" to bolster support for healthcare reform.

This reinforces the image of Hillary Clinton as someone who politically calculates every decision, much in the same way former Defense Secretary Robert Gates described Clinton in his memoir, Barber said.

Moreover, there the Free Beacon writer pointed out there is a litany of correspondence between former Special Assistant to the President for Health Policy Chris Jennings and Hillary Clinton discussing healthcare reform, illustrating the former first lady's "activeness" in the political push.

Additionally, the Clinton administration apparently planned a media strategy for how to deal with a bad CBO report on HillaryCare. Barber said this seems to be somewhat of a reflection of what the Obama administration is experiencing in recent weeks with negative reports out of the nonpartisan government agency on Obamacare.

Because of "low staff" available to publish all of the material, further release of the 30,000 documents from the Clinton Presidential Library may persist for several more weeks.