Al Gore Still Whining About Losing 2000 Election

• October 11, 2016 4:37 pm


Climate change warrior Al Gore joined Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail Tuesday at a stop at Miami Dade College in Florida, and he could not resist bringing up his 2000 election defeat to George W. Bush.

"Your vote really, really, really counts a lot," Gore said. "You can consider me an as an exhibit A of that group."

Clinton has been leading an effort to reach out to millennials and get them to vote. She brought Gore to explain why it is damaging to the country to vote for a third party candidate.

Gore claims that he lost the 2000 election to Bush because of third-party candidate Ralph Nader. A recount of the Florida results went on for weeks in 2000 before Bush was ultimately declared the winner of the state and the presidency.

The millennials standing behind the failed presidential candidate looked less than enthused about Gore discussing a time many of them were too young to remember.

"For those of you who are younger than 25, you might not remember the election of 2000 or what happened here in Florida and across the country," Gore said. "For those of you older than 25, I heard you murmuring just now, but take it from me it was a very close election."

Gore was interrupted by cheers of "You won!" before continuing on about his loss and that elections have consequences.