Mitt’s Grudge, Iowa’s Debacle, and the Best State of the Union Yet

With President Donald Trump acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial, Harison takes aim at Utah senator Mitt Romney for being the lone vote to impeach on the Republican side. Rank speculation ensues about everything from Mitt's motives to his genealogy. Do we know who his great-great-great grandfather is? Maybe not, but that is what Reddit is for.

But the Senate acquittal isn't the only massive win for Trump this week. Arguably the best news of 2020 is the increasing certainty with which the libs are demonstrating their unfitness to govern. Iowa is the latest and greatest example, as the Democratic Party failed to figure out… well, anything, since the night ended with absolutely zero data on any of the candidates' results. Harison argues the Bernie Bros should be even more angry when it's the party's own operations that are blocking their favorite socialist's ability to get a major boost from positive results in the Hawkeye state.

Biden's struggles, Matt argues, are linked to the impeachment proceeding that reflected so poorly on the former vice president and his son Hunter. In that regard, Pelosi may have harmed Biden's attempt to bring a third Obama term. However, Pelosi's main play this week was at the State of the Union, where she ripped up Trump's speech in front of cameras. Just another example of the dearth of class and dignity in today's Democratic Party….

The good news is it was the best State of the Union address ever, according to Harison, with enough made-for-TV drama to beat even George W. Bush's "Axis of Evil" speech in 2002. Oh, and the one where he talked about steroids in baseball.

Vic comes on to talk about the meatless Whopper's lack of vegan bona fides, which has led to a lawsuit the Washington Free Beacon is closely monitoring. Finally, Kitty drops in to talk about Al Pacino's struggles with old age, Pamela Anderson's ephemeral marriage, and Adam Sandler's mustache.

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