McConnell Owns Pelosi, Iran Backs Down, and the Royals Reel

Democratic senators are losing patience with Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plan to withhold the articles of impeachment. She's fighting to keep her caucus in line, but does she have a chance against Cocaine Mitch in the Senate?

The most important news in the effort to make America great remains Trump's ongoing domination of Iran. Despite the tough talk, Iran has backed off targeting Americans following the killing of terror master Qassem Soleimani. But that hasn't stopped antiwar liberals such as Joy Behar from going as far as celebrating white nationalists who oppose striking Iranian targets.

Michael Avenatti's legal struggles aren't stopping, and Vic has all the latest on the fraud charges he's facing in the Nike case.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are breaking away from the British royal family, but their plan to relocate to America has the gang deeply concerned.

Finally, the Free Beacon is very concerned with how to help Australia recover from its devastating fires, and we are pleased to highlight how model Kaylen Ward is doing her part.

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