Impeachment Drags On, Warren Keeps Slipping, and Liberal Hacks Face Off

With the House Democrats’ prosecution phase in the impeachment case against President Trump winding down, it looks like Mitch McConnell’s hand has only gotten stronger. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler have won few converts in their speeches before the Senate, even angering some senators with their belligerence. Harison argues that this has been an incredibly unserious process, and it hasn’t yet shown a major political upside for the Democrats.

Meanwhile in Iowa, Elizabeth Warren’s struggles continue. Confronted by a father asking whether her free college and debt cancellation policy would "screw" people who did the right thing, Warren was not sure how to answer—probably because that’s exactly what her plan would do. Falling to fourth overall in many polls, Warren is now warning her team not to expect much success from the first few states.

Vic returns for another update on Hunter Biden’s legal situation. A jury is set to be selected soon, and the Free Beacon Podcast will continue to be the top source on the matter.

On a lighter note, Twitter personality Comfortably Smug has constructed the ultimate competition for liberal hacks, which will demand the utmost attention of faithful opponents of fake news. But will any of this matter with the Doomsday Clock getting ever-so-close to midnight?

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