Dems Self-Immolate, Sanders Marches On, and Roger Stone Looks for a Pardon

Matt and Goldfarb are back to help analyze the ever-increasing bounty of Democratic infighting in our latest episode, sponsored by SwagRight.

Michael Bloomberg took the debate stage for the first time and faced a constant barrage of attacks, and the gang doubts he or anyone else can stop Bernie Sanders's march to the nomination. But with Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg all staying in the fight, there was plenty of antagonism to go around Wednesday. Harison is keen to celebrate the party being in disarray, with everyone from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton deserving some of the blame.

But the Trump administration has other matters at hand, namely the case of Roger Stone's conviction. Trump tweeted support for his former adviser while Attorney General Bill Barr recommended a lighter sentence than the one prosecutors asked for. It turns out Barr was right once again, and Stone received a 40-month sentence after a judge decided prosecutors were out of line. However, he may not even serve that if Trump uses the pardon power again.

With Michael Avenatti being convicted, legal correspondent Victorino Matus is on hand to discuss what comes next. More trials and a whole lot of jail time, it appears. Kitty has updates on Al Pacino's lackluster love life and a Yankee stalker.

And finally, a Free Beacon Podcast first: After soliciting questions for an advice segment, we're reading a few on air and giving the most sage counsel available. Listeners can learn how to better deal with the libs in their lives or to keep hope alive that Hillary may, soon, be locked up at last.

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