Bolton Takes Center Stage, Bernie Surges in Iowa, and Bloomberg Bombs Airwaves

The gang has you covered this week on everything from the coronavirus to impeachment to Japanese hashtags.

With John Bolton taking center stage in the latest impeachment drama, the gang analyzes whether he's trying to get back at President Trump, sell some books, or do something else. If Mitch McConnell wraps the impeachment trial up in the next few days, it may turn out well for sales of the book but badly for Nancy Pelosi's future as speaker. The gang disagrees about whether Pelosi can last as her party's leader if Trump wins reelection, and a friendly wager is made.

Meanwhile, the boring Democratic primary continues and Bernie keeps climbing. Mayor Pete has tried to get nasty, but at this point Bernie is well positioned to take not just Iowa but New Hampshire as well. Matt says nobody knows what is going to happen, but Harison sees it differently—this is Bernie's race to lose. Will that prediction pan out as well as his guarantee that Trump would win in 2016?

Matt argues that Bernie has none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to thank for his comeback in the polls, while Harison has to be reminded that she cannot, in fact, be his running mate in 2020.

Michael Bloomberg, meanwhile, has been bombing the airwaves with ads for his long-shot candidacy, and Goldfarb has a conspiracy theory about his advertising strategy.

Vic drops in to update everyone on Hunter Biden and Michael Avenatti, while the culture discussion has Beyonce, Barbies, and even a little Joseph Schumpeter.

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