Bernie’s Red Dawn, Bloomberg’s Bank Account, and What to Do About Roger Stone

With no Matt or Goldfarb on the show today, there's no one to hold Harison and Eliana back as they cover everything from the Democratic primary to the Roger Stone case. This episode is brought to you by SwagRight, where you can shop for the finest conservative apparel and accessories.

The gang starts off with New Hampshire, where the socialist revolution was started in earnest by Bernie Sanders, with Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar nipping at his heels. But Harison argues the party has painted itself into a corner where the only choices are to let Bernie win or to stop him with Bloomberg's billions. With Mini Mike paying for everything from ads to memes, his candidacy is a test of whether you really can buy an election. For Harison, whatever happens will lead to either Bernie or Bloomberg running as an independent. And he'll be at the Democratic convention—with his gas mask on—to chronicle the chaos that is sure to ensue.

Eliana takes the discussion to President Donald Trump's tweets about the Roger Stone case. And news breaks right as the show is going! Eliana gets the scoop with her handy-dandy smart phone. It turns out, Attorney General William Barr is not happy with Trump opining on social media about this high-profile case, and you'll have to listen to find out what is Harison's take.

Free Beacon legal correspondent Victorino Matus has the latest on Michael Avenatti's ongoing Nike court case, where he could face decades in jail if he's found guilty of extortion. If he manages to get out of that bind, he's got another one in April where he's defending himself from the charge of stealing from porn star Stormy Daniels. And then after that, there's a federal fraud trial coming in Los Angeles. He's a busy guy.

And in the culture update, Kitty has the latest on Keith Richards's newfound sobriety and the possibility of Tupac Shakur being alive and hiding in New Mexico.

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