Biden Tees Up Senate Battle With Massive COVID Spending Bill 

Plan would hike minimum wage to $15 per hour, drop $465 billion on checks

Joe BidenPresident-elect Joe Biden on Thursday evening called for Congress to pour another $1.9 trillion into the economy, boosting spending on the COVID crisis by over 50 percent in a move that some economists argue wildly overshoots the economy's needs.

Trump Admin Issues Last-Minute Sanctions on Iran, China, Cuba

The Trump administration on Friday continued its last-minute push to apply new sanctions on the adversarial regimes in Iran, China, and Cuba, solidifying a pressure campaign that will give the incoming Biden administration a range of options for dealing with the ongoing threats posed by these nations.

Lincoln Project In Disarray After Founder Accused of ‘Grooming’ Young Men for Sex

John Weaver quietly scrubbed from PAC's website, which is currently experiencing technical difficulties

Lincoln Project cofounder John Weaver has been scrubbed from the super PAC's website, which is currently experiencing technical difficulties after Weaver was accused of "grooming" dozens of young men for sex. No explanation has been given for the unusual website activity.

Mailchimp Boots Gun-Rights Group

Tech company cancels Second Amendment group's subscription without explanation

Mailchimp blocked Virginia's top gun-rights group from sending newsletters through its service for unspecified reasons.