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WH Officials: Obama Holdovers Sabotaged Trump With Travel Ban Leak

Homeland Security Department headquarters
Homeland Security Department headquarters / AP

White House officials believe Obama administration employees attempted to sabotage President Trump by releasing an incomplete memo suggesting that Trump's travel ban focusing on seven Muslim-majority countries contradicts government intelligence.

The Associated Press reported on Friday that a leaked Department of Homeland Security document indicated that filtering immigrants by citizenship would not likely prevent terrorists from entering the United States.

The leaked document is considered incomplete because it only includes intelligence that could be leaked to media outlets without breaking the law, according to the Washington Times.

One White House official went so far as to call the leak an act of "sabotage."

"This report was commentary. This is insurrection," the source told the Times.

This wasn't the first leak suspected to come from Obama administration officials attempting to undermine the Trump administration. The Washington Free Beacon reported plots by former Obama officials to attack both former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and White House advisor Sebastian Gorka.

Obama holdovers also reportedly hampered efforts to improve military readiness, according to Rep. Mac Thornberry (R., Texas), the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Obama holdovers "have been fighting against rebuilding & are still undermining agenda," Thornberry's office tweeted on Feb. 16.