Webb on Opposition to Nuclear Deal: Iran Gains Greater Balance of Power in Middle East

• August 21, 2015 9:01 am


Democratic presidential candidate and former Sen. Jim Webb (D., Va.) said Friday that he opposed the Iran nuclear deal for, among other reasons, giving the rogue regime a greater balance of power in a fragile region.

"The danger in the Iran agreement is in what it does not address, other than nuclear issues, that allows Iran to continue to gain a greater balance of the power in a very fragile region," Webb said on MSNBC's Morning Joe. "It affects Israel. It affects the Sunni countries."

Webb noted he voted against the Iraq War while he was in the Senate because he felt it would shift too much influence to Iran. This flies against the White House's continued insistence that foes of the deal all supported the Iraq War. President Obama has also claimed the only alternative to the agreement is eventual warfare, an opinion not shared by top military experts.

"We've had no signals from Iran through this whole process, no confidence-builders … that would indicate Iran is ready to move forward in a different way in the region," Webb said.

Iran remains the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism, and the deal has been fiercely criticized for allowing the country sanctions relief to assist in those efforts.

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