PICTURES: Unauthorized Models Infiltrate U.S. Army Compound

Serious concerns have been raised that a group of models doing a photo shoot for Hot Shots 2015 calendar were given access to equipment at a U.S. Army compound in Utah without authorization.

The Utah National Guard has launched an investigation into the incident.

For the sake of security, the Washington Free Beacon has compiled multiple photos of the individuals at the center of the investigation.

Here is behind the scenes footage of the shoot in question:

This is Rosie Jones, who introduces the group of models being investigated.

Hot Shots


She is British, but loves America.

@rosieofthejones Twitter


One of the models identified in the video is Zienna Eve. Here she can be seen stepping into a military vehicle.

Hot Shots


Known characteristics of Zienna are that she "loves skinny dipping" and drinks "blackcurrant vodka." She also may like to play tennis.

zienna_eve Instagram


Here is Kelly Hall, seen holding the shaft of a Barrett rifle.

kellyjhall Instagram


And here, giving what appears to be a salute.

kellyjhall Instagram


Cindy Prado and Lauren Rhodes can be seen together with a sniper rifle, exhibiting the proper military technique of snipers working with partners.

Hot Shots


Cindy is known to love military fitness, and used some of the fitness tools available at the U.S. Army compound. It is unclear whether this was authorized.

Hot Shots


A more in depth look at the girls that infiltrated the Utah base can be seen with a $14.99 purchase of Hot Shots 2015 calendar. The investigation is likely to find that the main goal of the project is to raise money and awareness for wounded veteran charities in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

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