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Obama: I’d Meet With Fidel Castro if His Health Allowed

President Obama said Monday he was open to meeting with aging Cuban dictator Fidel Castro if the latter's health allowed.

Obama sat down with ABC World News anchor David Muir to discuss his visit to Cuba, the first by a sitting U.S. president in nearly a century.

"Will you meet with Fidel Castro?" Muir asked.

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"You know, if his health was good enough that I could meet with him, I'd be happy to meet with him, just as a symbol of the end of or the closing of this Cold War chapter in our mutual histories," Obama said. "It's not clear to me what the state of his health is."

"So it could happen," Muir said.

"I have no idea," Obama said.

Earlier, Obama said at a joint press conference that he would welcome criticism from Cuban President Raul Castro, Fidel's brother, who denied the existence of political prisoners on his communist island during the same conference.