Iran: U.S. Violating Nuke Deal

Hassan Rouhani with Sadeq Larijani /
Hassan Rouhani with Sadeq Larijani / AP
April 4, 2016

Iranian officials on Monday accused the United States of violating the recent comprehensive nuclear agreement by working behind the scenes to stop American companies from conducting business with Iran, according to regional media reports.

Iran has been complaining for months that it is not being granted enough sanctions relief under the agreement. These complaints have reportedly pushed the Obama administration to consider offering Iran greater concessions, including access to the U.S. dollar and American financial markets.

However, Iranian officials continue to insist that the Obama administration is violating the deal.

Sadeq Amoli Larijani, Iran's judiciary chief, "warned" the United States in remarks on Monday, claiming that the administration’s current actions violate the agreement.

"The Americans are now acting in violation of the nuclear agreement," Larijani was quoted as saying on Monday before high-ranking Iranian officials.

Larijani accused the Obama administration of "pressuring companies which are interested in investment in Iran to withdraw from their decision," according to reports carried in Iran’s state-controlled media.

"The Americans should know that the Islamic Republic of Iran would never compromise its interests and would never agree with investment of foreign firms in the country at any price, while it enjoys rich resources and abundant talents," Larijani was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, U.S. lawmakers have launched an investigation into Obama administration claims about the deal.

Lawmakers accuse the Obama administration of lying to Congress about the range of concessions granted to Iran and of rewriting the deal in subsequent months to permit Iran to carry out ballistic missile tests.

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