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Iran Studying Israeli War Tactics

Hassan Rouhani

Iranian military leaders have been studying and analyzing Israeli war strategies to get a better sense of the Jewish state’s offensive capabilities, according to Iran’s state run press.

Iran has been examining Israeli "assault patterns" employed during its 2006 war with Lebanon and even deployed an investigatory team to examine the warzones in person, according to the Fars New Agency.

"After Hezbollah’s 33-day war we sent a team to Lebanon and studied the models of Israel’s assault on the Lebanese buildings and collected 5,000 images of all the destroyed buildings," Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, the head of Iran's Civil Defense Organization revealed over the weekend.

Iranian military engineers have been analyzing the collected materials, according to Jalali.

"The Iranian military engineers have analyzed the power of the Israeli explosives, and came to the conclusion that the damage inflicted on targets by the Israeli army is more the result of the engineering patterns used during the sabotage operations or raid and assault than the explosive power of their bombs or ammunition," Fars reported.