National Security

General Dunford: I Would Do More Against ISIS if I Could

Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, testified during a Senate Armed Service Committee hearing Thursday that he wished he could do more to fight the Islamic State, but political limitations were playing a role.

In the clip noted by the Weekly Standard, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.), who has been highly critical of the Obama administration, questioned Dunford, saying that not enough has been done to fight ISIS.

"So I just want the whole country to know this, that the president's goal is to destroy ISIL," he said, using another name for the terror group. "I share that goal. I know you do too. The military strategy that we are embarked on is the best way to destroy ISIL and it's what you recommended, or is it limited by conditions put on you by the White House?"

"Senator, to clarify, so if I say that certain-" Dunford said.

Graham stepped in to rephrase his question.

"Would you do more if you could?" Graham asked.

"I would do more if I could, but the limitation is not just a political limitation, part of it is our partners on the ground," Dunford said.

"Right," Graham said.

This testimony comes as 250 more American troops are being sent to Syria to supplement the 50 troops that are already there. All 300 are special forces operators who are focused on training and fighting along with local militias.