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DHS Sec. Doesn’t Deny Report TSA Considering Carry-on Luggage Ban

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson did not deny reports that the TSA is considering a carry-on luggage ban on flights during the upcoming holiday season.

"Without a doubt, our counterterrorism efforts and concerns continue to focus, to a degree, on aviation security, which is the reason why we directed certain enhancements at airports overseas in our screening of people before they get on airplanes, and we continually evaluate whether more is necessary without unnecessarily burdening the traveling public," Johnson told CNN's Jake Tapper on Thursday.

"I am not at all discouraging people from traveling this holiday season. I think people should continue to do that and have a happy and safe holiday but we continue to be vigilant and we continue to evaluate whether more is necessary, based on the latest threat streams."

When Tapper pressed further to confirm whether the TSA was still "considering everything," Johnson dodged the question.

"There is no ban on carry-on luggage at this time," Johnson said.

"At this time…OK," Tapper concluded before changing the subject to immigration.