Andrea Mitchell Conducts Foreign Policy Interview with Chicago Slumlord


Andrea Mitchell on Friday landed an exclusive interview with Chicago slumlord Valerie Jarrett to discuss terrorist threats against the United States, as well as the resignation of her close friend Attorney General Eric Holder. It was a very enlightening interview.

"I have nothing new to report," Jarrett said when asked about reported threats to U.S. subway systems.

Mitchell asked about President Obama’s speech at the United Nations earlier this week. It was a very important speech, Jarrett said.

"It was a very strong, powerful speech," she said. "It was a very constructive and important week, and the speech sent a very strong signal."

Jarrett, who is one of the president’s closest and most ruthlessly loyal advisers, said she had "tears streaming down my face" when Holder announced his resignation. She will "miss him on a very personal level," but will also lead the team to find his replacement.

Jarrett has also been involved in a number a shady real estate dealings in her hometown of Chicago, using political ties to make millions off the controversial privatization of public housing projects.