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Trump: ‘We Could Have a Big Surprise’ on Health Care

President Donald Trump had some fun meeting with the Chicago Cubs at the White House on Wednesday, but also mixed in some business as he told reporters in the room that health care is "working along very well" and there could be a "big surprise."

Trump welcomed Cubs manager Joe Maddon and several players who were part of the 2016 World Series team, calling them a "great team."

The players gave Trump a Cubs jersey with a "45" printed on it recognizing his status as the 45th president.

Trump asked the team whether they wanted to see the Oval Office and then told the players that they would leave the media behind during the visit before pivoting to talk about the status of the Senate health care bill.

"Just to do a little official business, health care is working along very well. We could have a big surprise with a great health care package, so now they're happy," Trump said, referring to the media being happy.

"What do you mean by big surprise, sir?" a reporter asked.

Trump responded by saying that the Republican health care bill is going to have a "great, great surprise."

Hours earlier Trump castigated Obamacare and said that it was "dying" while reflecting on his meeting with Republican senators on Tuesday.

"Yesterday we had a tremendous meeting," Trump said. "The Republican senators met on health care and the meeting went really well. We're talking about a great, great form of health care."

"Obamacare is dying. It's essentially dead," Trump added. "If you don't give it the subsidy, it would die within 24 hours. It's been a headache for everybody. It's been a nightmare for many."

President Donald J. Trump: "ObamaCare is dying, it is essentially dead." http://fxn.ws/2smdBnB

Posted by Fox News on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) announced early Tuesday afternoon that he would be delaying the health care vote, which was originally scheduled for Thursday, until after the July 4 recess, according to CNN.

McConnell told GOP senators that he wants to make changes to the bill, get a new Congressional Budget Office score, and have a vote after the holiday, two sources told CNN.

McConnell said that President Donald Trump had invited all Republican senators to the White House on Tuesday afternoon.