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Supreme Court Creating Online Legal Filing System

U.S. Supreme Court building / Getty Images

The Supreme Court has created a new online system where the public can view legal filings for free.

The nation's highest court has been reluctant to embrace new technologies over the years, but, starting Monday, the new electronic filing system will make legal filings publicly available at no cost, the Associated Press reports.

While livestreamed audio of arguments and televised sessions are not coming soon, advocates of greater transparency are glad the high court is taking the step to create a system that much of the federal court system already has.

One advocate of court openness, Gabe Roth, executive director of Fix the Court, praised the high court for adopting the new e-filing system.

"Though the Supreme Court has moved glacially to join the rest of the judiciary in permitting online filing, that's better than not at all, and the institution should be commended for creating an e-filing system that, unlike PACER, will be free and easily accessible to the public," Roth said.

PACER, the older system, charges fees to access court documents.

Starting Monday, lawyers will be required to submit their filings to the court electronically, and the documents should quickly appear on the court's website.