Netroots Nation Organizers Ask Conference Attendees Not to Rape People


Attendees of a major conference of left-wing activists this week are being asked not to rape other attendees, according to conference materials posted online.

"We want our attendees to have a great time, but please remember that sexual consent is always essential," advises a program handed out to attendees of the 2015 Netroots Nation conference.

The conference, which will kick off in Phoenix, Ariz., this week, features some of the nation’s leading Democratic politicians and liberal activists.

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The note about sexual consent appears in a portion of the program advising attendees of the conference’s "safe space policy."

"Alcohol use is never an excuse to disrespect, harass or harm others, and someone who is intoxicated may not be able to give their consent," organizers noted.

The full program can be read here:

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