MSNBC Host Drastically Overstates Economic Growth Numbers Under Obama

Ruhle claims Obama admin hit 3 percent GDP growth 14 times

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle on Wednesday drastically overstated the number of quarters that saw three-percent economic growth during former President Barack Obama's administration.

During an interview with Republican Rep. Chris Collins (N.Y.) about the Republican tax overhaul bill, Ruhle pressed him about whether there would be entitlement cuts if the legislation does not pay for itself through economic growth.

Collins, who voted for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, said there will not be any cuts to entitlements, adding that strong economic growth under President Donald Trump will double the nation's economy. He also took a shot at sluggish growth under Obama, leading to a quick response from Ruhle, who often tussles with conservative guests.

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"It's been growing at one, 1.5 percent for eight years under Barack Obama, which is the whole reason we ended up with $10 trillion in extra debt," Collins said.

Ruhle cut over him, claiming growth reached three percent at "14 different points during that period."

The Obama administration, however, only saw economic growth of three percent or better in eight different quarters over its eight years in power. The Obama administration also never topped three percent in annual economic growth.

The Trump administration has touted its goals for annual GDP growth of three percent. The country had its best back-to-back quarters since 2014 in Q2 and Q3 of 2017, topping three percent both quarters.