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Majority of Unemployed Americans Want Obamacare Repealed, Illegal Immigration Stopped

Most unemployed Americans favor repealing Obamacare and say it would be easier to get a job if there was less illegal immigration, according to a survey from Express Employment Professionals.

The group surveyed 1,500 Americans age 18 and older who were unemployed from March 14 to April 6. Although most of those surveyed favored Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump in the election, they expressed support for conservative policies such as repealing the Affordable Care Act and limiting illegal immigration.

Thirty-five percent of those polled voted for Hillary Clinton, 25 percent voted for Donald Trump, 34 percent didn't vote, and the remainder voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson or Green candidate Jill Stein.

Only 20 percent of the unemployed currently have insurance under Obamacare, yet 57 percent say they want to repeal it. Forty-three percent of the unemployed said they want it to stay.

In addition, 58 percent of the unemployed said it would be easier to find a job if there was less illegal immigration while 42 percent did not agree.

Despite the fact that more unemployed Americans supported Clinton, a plurality of those polled said they thought the Trump administration would have a positive impact on creating jobs. Thirty-nine percent said Trump would have a positive impact, 35 percent said he would have a negative impact, and 26 percent said there would be no impact at all.

When asked how Trump's policies would affect their job search, the result was mixed. Thirty percent said Trump's policies would make it harder to find a job, 30 percent said they weren't sure, 22 percent said they would have no impact, and 18 percent said they would make it easier to find a job.

Forty percent of the unemployed said they think the economy is headed in the right direction, while 60 percent said they think it's headed in the wrong direction.

"While Democrats and Republicans seem to be polarized, the views of the unemployed appear to be much more mixed," said Bob Funk, CEO of Express Employment Professionals. "Among unemployed Americans who voted, Hillary Clinton was the clear winner, but in general the unemployed are expressing opinions on health care and immigration that might put them more in line with President Trump."