CNN: VA Audit Reveals 57,000 Veterans Still Awaiting Care, 63,000 Never Got An Appointment At All

'The facts just get worse and worse'

CNN correspondent Drew Griffin reported on a new audit by the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs revealing 57,000 veterans are still awaiting care nationwide Monday on Wolf.

Griffin, who broke the VA scandal showing delayed care and secret waiting lists that led to dozens of veterans' deaths last month, said the "facts just get worse and worse." Another 63,000 have enrolled in the health care system in the last decade but never had an appointment.

"13 percent of the scheduling staff across the country indicated that they were told, as we've been reporting, to cook the books, to hide the fact that these veterans were waiting for so long," Griffin said.

Host Wolf Blitzer called the numbers "shocking." Griffin added that it was no longer an "allegation" that there was massive cooking of the books by agency bureaucrats to gain eligibility for bonuses, but rather a "fact."