Chinese Expect War With Japan

A majority of Chinese surveyed believe war with Japan is inevitable

Chinese SU-27 fighter plane / AP

A report released this week shows that 53.4 percent of Chinese citizens expect they will go to war with Japan in the future, including 11.2 percent who said they think the conflict will occur in the next few years.

The The 10th Japan-China Public Opinion Poll reports

In the reasons given by the Chinese respondents who answered that they feel Japan is a military threat, the most common answer was "Japan's attempt to besiege China on a military front in cooperation with the United States," which showed a significant increase from 44.6 percent last year to 58.2 percent.

Only 29 percent of the Japanese public said they believe the country will go to war with China in the future, but the number that felt confident there would not be war "decreased significantly" by about eight percent, leaving 32.9 percent unsure. Only 2.9 percent believe war will occur in the next two years.

According to respondents, the belief in a coming war is fed by "Japan's lack of a proper apology and remorse over the history of invasions of China." They also said that "although [Japan] effectively occupies the Diaoyu Islands, Japan does not recognize the territorial dispute."

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