Same Gov’t Overseeing Rat-Infested Hell Holes Wants to Give You Health Care

It sounds great in theory. Six hundred thousand uninsured New Yorkers (half of whom are illegal aliens) will get guaranteed free health care, through a “compassionate vision” put forth by Sandinista sympathizer Bill de Blasio. They’ll even get a dedicated membership card and a hotline!

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The Mullahs Are Their Own Worst Enemies

Iran’s leaders only have themselves to blame for their current troubles.

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The Night Fact Checking Died

President Trump Addresses The Nation On Border Security From The Oval Office

I regret to inform you, but late last night, fact checking passed away.

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Beware of Erdogan

If the Trump administration is basing its withdrawal from Syria on Erdogan’s promises to replace Washington’s leadership role, which includes protecting the Kurds, it better come up with a new plan.

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Do Cable News Pundits Read the Washington Post or the New York Times?

Progressives Disguise the Truth About BDS

Many progressives are either too ignorant or too dishonest to acknowledge what the BDS movement is: nothing less than a form of economic warfare against Israel meant to destroy the Jewish state.

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My Salad Days, When I Was Green in Judgment

It’s the new year so of course I’m standing in line at Sweetgreen waiting to order my salad. This despite a story in the Weekend section of the Washington Post warning us that many of those salads are rather unhealthy.

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The Gamble of Israel’s ‘New Right’

Israeli flag

“Boom!” read the headline of a supplement in Israeli weekly Makor Rishon, after two leading politicians, Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, announced on December 29 that they were jumping ship from the Jewish Home Party to create the New Right Party. The question Israeli pundits are trying to answer now is whether that boom—or “blast” as most of the press characterizes it—is an explosion or an implosion. Will it strengthen the national camp or will it bring it to its knees?

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The Folly of Supporting Lebanon’s Military

The U.S. needs to stop providing aid to the Lebanese Armed Forces, which collaborates closely with Hezbollah and is not a check on the terrorist group’s influence inside Lebanon.

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In the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Which Side Is Really Committing Ethnic Cleansing?

Mahmoud Abbas

One side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does use policies to achieve ethnic cleansing. It’s just not Israel.

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I Watched Mokbang Videos Because I Was Curious

South Korea food

South Koreans are really into mokbang. (I knew that line would get you to read on.) But it’s not what you might think—mokbang is a foodie video, in which people record themselves eating.

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Rashida Tlaib Proposes Innovative Solution to ‘Palestine’ Problem

Freshman Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib used her first day in the House to quietly propose the creation of a new state of “Palestine” near the Egyptian capital city of Cairo. The foreign policy proposal was spotted by Buzzfeed reporter Hannah Allam, who tweeted out a picture of a post-it added to the world map in …

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No, The Atlantic, You Can’t Reapportion the Senate With an Act of Congress

U.S. Capitol

A Wednesday op-ed in the Atlantic by Warton School professor Eric W. Orts claims the current trendy liberal constitutional gripe—the disproportionality of the U.S. Senate—can be fixed with one easy law. All you have to do is pass one statute and big states like California can have twelve senators and small states like Vermont only one. This …

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Israelis Nervous About U.S. Withdrawal From Syria, Fearing Iranian Gains

The Netanyahu government is projecting calm about President Donald Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria, but no one in Israel, from politicians to pundits, thinks it is good news. Israel’s main fear is that the withdrawal of U.S. forces will create a vacuum into which Iran will expand, affording it greater freedom …

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The Most Ratio’ed Julia Ioffe Tweets (So Far)


For those not versed in Twitter lingo, a “ratio” occurs when very few people retweet or like a tweet, compared to a far larger number of people who quote-tweet or respond to the tweet. It’s generally a good barometer for how much Twitter agrees or disagrees with a sentiment. The higher the ratio, the more …

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