Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism

Trying to separate hatred of Israel from classic Jew-hatred is an act of willful blindness.

Anti-Semites can have completely opposing political views and social values, but they all have one thing in common: hatred of Israel, the Jew among nations.

Report: Rich Liberals Are Suffering, Too

'There are dogs barking and they're just not doing anything'

America is experiencing an epidemic of anxiety in all its forms—emotional, economic, social, cultural, and so on. The economy might be strong, but the American people are suffering. Even rich liberals are beginning to feel the sting of hardship.

American Greatness Under Threat: KFC Dabbles in Plant-Based ‘Chicken’

A gateway drug to full communism?

One of President Donald J. Trump's favorite restaurants has surrendered to the liberal mob. KFC, the fast-food chain with an acronym that used to stand for "Kentucky Fried Chicken," has begun serving vegan fried "chicken" with the help of Beyond Meat, the controversial "food" corporation specializing in plant-based meat alternatives that envisions itself as "the future of protein."

Hillary Clinton Wants to Appease Our Enemies

Actual scientific evidence suggests that Trump's hurricane policy is working

In response to a recent Axios report on President Donald J. Trump's unwillingness to rule out a nuclear strike against menacing weather hurricanes that threaten American lives, Clinton posted a comment on the popular social networking website Twitter.

ANALYSIS: How Donald Trump Physically Dominated the G7 Summit

America prevails again

Using a number of advanced techniques deployed by elite negotiators, President Trump successfully demonstrated physical supremacy over his so-called "peers."  According to the analysis, Trump's unapologetic display of American dominance stands in marked contrast to the supine deference of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

FLASHBACK: When Liberals Got Mad and Protested David Koch for Giving $100 Million to a Hospital

'No justice, no peace!' they chanted

Libertarian philanthropist David Koch has passed away at the age of 79. The gay-rights advocate and patron of the arts was, along with his brother Charles Koch, one of the most reviled individuals in American politics among journalists and other left-wing activists, even when they were doing ostensibly uncontroversial things such as donating large amounts of money to a hospital.

Obamas Strike Blow for Economic Justice, Donate Millions in Exchange for Massive Beachfront Estate

Former president conquers 'wealth anxiety'

Celebrity authors Barack and Michelle Obama are striking a blow for social, economic, and climate justice, vowing to donate an undisclosed eight-figure sum to Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck in exchange for his massive beachfront estate on Martha's Vineyard, the luxury island vacation spot popular with Northeastern elites, boat-shoed bon vivants, and other rich freaks who use "summer" as a verb and donate to Pete Buttigieg.

America Aches for Lincoln Chafee

The hero we need, but don't deserve

The American people may finally get a presidential candidate worthy of the Oval Office. Lincoln Chafee, the former governor and U.S. Senator from Rhode Island, is reportedly open to running for president in 2020 on the Libertarian Party ticket.

San Fran City Govt’s Response to Rising Crime Rate: Change ‘Convicted Felon’ to ‘Justice-Involved Person’

Crime industry welcomes "person first" terminology

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors proposed new language guidelines to re-shape the way people talk about those in the crime industry. Words such as "felon," "offender," and "convict" would be replaced by "person first" terminology. Under the proposal, a convicted criminal would be referred to as a "formerly incarcerated person," or "justice-involved individual," or even a "returning resident."

Biden Doctor Insists: Former VP ‘Has a Brain That Is Functioning’

Doc: Dem frontrunner definitely doesn't have brain damage

Team Biden is on the defensive, and has even wheeled out the former Veep's brain surgeon to reassure skeptics that he's totally fine and definitely doesn't have brain damage. It's not the most reassuring claim to have to make about a presidential candidate, but here we are.

Report: Biden Told Obama He Was Too Old to Run for President Again

Now he's proving it

A recent New York Times report on the brotherly bond between Barack Obama and Joe Biden contains some interesting details about how Obama ultimately arrived at the decision to select Biden as his running mate in 2008. Unlike Hillary Clinton, among others, Biden was seen as a safe choice in part because he lacked presidential ambitions and was unlikely to exploit the vice presidency to maneuver for a future White House run.

Report: Why Obama Didn’t Want Hillary as VP

He was nervous about putting her "a heartbeat away" from power

Disgraced journalist Glenn Thrush has a piece in the New York Times detailing the history of the most adorable bromance in politics. The report examines the somewhat complicated relationship between former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden and offers some insight into Obama’s thinking as he was searching for a suitable running mate in 2008.