Poll: MSNBC The Least Trusted Name In TV News

Even 'The Daily Show' rated more likely to be accurate


MSNBC is the least trusted name in news, even less than the comedy program The Daily Show, a new Brookings and Public Religion Research poll revealed.

Fox News Channel ranked as the most trusted name overall (25 percent of respondents) and with self-described independents (26 percent), while only 5 percent of all Americans rated the liberal channel its most trusted source of accurate information on politics and current events, Mediaite reported.

Broadcast news (23 percent overall) was second behind Fox, followed by CNN (17 percent), public television (12 percent) and Jon Stewart's Daily Show (8 percent). Also, only 10 percent of liberals rated MSNBC the most trusted, with 24 percent of them choosing broadcast news and 17 percent going with public television or The Daily Show, respectively.

MSNBC was also the worst choice among independents (4 percent) and moderates (5 percent), getting thumped by Fox News in both categories.