Obama Dog Continues to Terrorize

Sunny mauls teenager, requiring stitches

Sunny Obama / AP


President Obama's dog is using her final days in the White House to continue to terrorize, mauling a teenage girl in the face and leaving the victim permanently scarred.

Sunny, the Portuguese Water Dog that cost thousands of dollars and comes from impeccable breeding, has been a menace since the Obama's got her in 2013. Sunny has been pooping in the White House for years, and attacked a small child, who was luckily not hurt.

The same cannot be said of Sunny's latest victim. TMZ reports:

President Obama had to deal with a small domestic crisis at the White House — a family friend was bitten by Sunny, the First Family's 4-year-old dog.

We're told the incident occurred Monday when the 18-year-old was visiting the White House. Sources connected to the girl tell us she went to pet and kiss Sunny, and the dog bit her on the face.

The brutal attack "left a nasty gash" on the girl's face, requiring stitches from the Obama's family doctor.

"She's gonna be okay, but we're told she'll likely have a small scar … which upset her," the report said.

Though TMZ said the attack was "out of character" for Portuguese Water Dogs, it was consistent with Sunny's behavior since moving into the White House.

This was not Sunny's first attack. In 2013 two-year-old Ashtyn Gardner was brutally taken down by Sunny as First Lady Michelle stood idly by.


"I mean, Sunny can be naughty," Mrs. Obama admitted in 2015, as a warning sign of things to come.

"Because you know what she does sometimes? She leaves the kitchen and she’ll sneak, and she’ll go poop on the other end of the White House," Mrs. Obama continued.

"We’re dealing with that problem," she said.

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