MSNBC Reporter Doesn’t Know She’s Live, Intensely Fixes Hair

Political reporter Kristen Welker didn't know she was live on MSNBC Monday, staring down at the ground when the shot went to her and then fixing her hair before the network realized its mistake.

Chris Hayes tossed to Welker, who was covering the Hillary Clinton campaign event in New York City, to discuss a new national poll, but Welker didn't hear him. Instead, she pulled at her hair and scratched her head.

"All right, looks like Kristen Welker's sound is not working," Hayes said, switching to fellow reporter Kasie Hunt.

Welker has had a bit of bad luck in this regard. After a debate last month, MSNBC cameras showed her telling Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri what questions she was about to ask for their interview, not knowing she was on live television.

The Washington Free Beacon recently compiled a helpful montage of technical failures that the left-leaning network has endured over the years, such as one of its reporters doing a live shoot at an active gun range, an exploding light bulb, and an anchor pleading for production assistants to provide the correct image for his story.