Meet the 16-Year-Old Competitive Shooter Working to Keep Her Guns Legal in Virginia

• January 15, 2020 4:05 pm


Mia Farinelli is like any other teenage girl, except for one key difference. Her skill as a world-class competitive shooter has brought her into the national spotlight. She uses that spotlight to teach others about her sport, but also to do something other top high school athletes don't have to worry about: stop political proposals seeking to ban the very guns she competes with.

Join us as we follow Mia while she practices shooting, makes coffee for customers at her after-school job, beats competitors twice her age, lobbies her lawmakers, and speaks at a county meeting during the height of the Virginia Second Amendment sanctuary movement.

Find out how Mia started competing with guns, what her favorite competition is, how she hopes to influence lawmakers, and how a ban on AR-15s could crush her dream to one day join the Army's shooting team.

Published under: Gun Control, Guns, Virginia