McMaster University Students Have Published Hundreds of Posts Exalting Hitler

39 students have posted over 280 comments on social media since 2011

University Hall at McMaster University
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December 13, 2017

Current and former students at Canada's McMaster University have published hundreds of social media posts exalting Adolf Hitler, glorifying terrorism, and calling for "death to" America, white people, Jews, and Israel, according to a new report.

Thirty-nine students have posted over 280 such comments on social media since 2011, according to Canary Mission, an anonymous campus anti-Semitism watchdog. All of the students listed in the report have had some level of affiliation with Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR), McMaster's anti-Israel club.

Esra Bengizi, who served as the humanities representative of the McMaster Student Assembly last academic year, has tweeted extensively about her admiration for Hitler "as an individual."

"You'd be stupid if you think Hitler wasn't a great leader," she tweeted in May 2014, writing later that year, "What Hitler did was wrong but I admire him as an individual he was extraordinarily intelligent, persuasive, deceptive & driven."

"Where is hitler when u need one? I literally ask this every day," she continued in October, adding, "hitler did more than just kill. He was also a great leader & role model to many. And all governments kill innocent people everyday."

Her pro-Hitler sentiment extended to explicit targeting of Jews, as in her Mary 2014 post, "I'm actually going to the rule the world and get rid of anyone who doesn't have basic common sense or if you're yahoodi [Jewish]."

Rawan Qaddoura tweeted in January 2012, "I honestly wish I was born at the time of the second world war just to see the genius, Hitler, at work." She followed up in June 2013 with, "everytime I read about Hitler, I fall in love all over again," and a smiling heart emoji.

Tweet provided by Canary Mission

She wrote in September 2012, "i just don’t like jews lol #sorrynotsorry."

Qaddoura ran unsuccessfully for SPHR president of 2016-2017, losing to Lina Assi, who has her own long history of voicing support for the socialist terrorist organization, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Qaddoura's regard for Hitler is shared by Nadera Masad, a senior studying political science and government, who tweeted in April 2012, "Hitler was on to something... #SorryNotSorry."

Tweet provided by Canary Mission

Though she has argued that she is not a racist but only hates Zionists, Masad has also posted anti-Semitic tropes, writing in May 2012, "I suspect my french teacher of being a jew cause I saw her picking up a penny off the floor yesterday." She also wrote that year, "The American constitution is controlled by jews, no matter who the president is, they're still going to be child slaughtering pigs."

Tweet provided by Canary Mission

Her Twitter activity this year has focused heavily on demeaning white people. She wrote in January that "White people are the face of terrorism" and "The world would be a better place if white people shut their mouths." She called in April for "Death to America and white people," and in June wrote, "Only white people sexually molest little boys."

Masad, who until Wednesday tweeted under the names "Death to Zionists" and "ArabHummus," doubled down on her social media activity in the hours following the release of the report, before apparently deleting her Twitter account.

Tweet provided by Canary Mission


"In case you mother fuckers at Canary Mission need a more recent tweet to screenshot: the only good Zionist is a dead Zionist. Add that to my profile," Masad tweeted on Tuesday.

She followed up with, "Zionists and Nazis are the same if not Zionists are 100X worse. -add that to my profile."

She also commented, "I keep saying, we need to cleanse the world of creatures such as these dirty white Americans."

McMaster said it is "actively reviewing" the posts, calling them "disturbing."

"Quite clearly these social media comments do not reflect McMaster’s campus-wide commitment to inclusivity, civility, and respect," added the university in a statement.

A McMaster community Facebook forum called Spotted at Mac took up the question of how the report reflects the attitudes of the Muslim community.

"Those kinda people make Muslims look very close minded and ignorant af [as fuck]," wrote one student.

Others commented that it was "too bad that stupid statements from 6 years ago are coming back to bite them [SPHR]."

SPHR released a statement on their Facebook page on Tuesday saying that the exposure of the posts was an attempt to "silence and intimidate Palestinian activists from resisting military occupation of Palestinian land."

SPHR said two of those listed are club executives who have "have long shed anti-semitic sentiment," after receiving "education on the differences between Judaism and Zionism - which Zionist hasbara has done so well at conflating the two together." Hasbara, Hebrew for "explaining," is the term for Israel's international public relations efforts.

SPHR did note, "Vile comments made to support the genocide of Jewish people is intolerable in every sense of the word" and that the club "condemns all forms of anti-semitism within our organization."

The club said new members must undergo a "mandatory process" of reading "an educational document" and receiving "training on a wide range of subjects surrounding Palestine - One of them being differentiating Zionism from Judaism."

SPHR wrote it would "rid anyone joining with anti-semitic views because the Palestinian liberation movement includes both Jewish allies as well as Palestinians - however, making no room for Zionist discourse."

"To equate all Jewish peoples with Zionism is anti-semitic in itself," SPHR said.

The U.S. State Department definition of anti-Semitism includes calls to destroy Israel, demonization or delegitimization of Israel, and holding the country to a double standard.

Update 4:14 p.m.: This post has been updated with comment from McMaster University.

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