No Mention of 'Boys' and 'Girls' Allowed in Disney Parks

'Happiest place on Earth' bans gender

Disney's 'Pinocchio' / YouTube
March 30, 2022

The Walt Disney Company is eliminating the words "ladies," "gentlemen," "boys," and "girls" in its theme parks, Diversity and Inclusion Manager Vivian Ware announced.

Ware said in a company video, first reported by City Journal writer Christopher F. Rufo, that Disney has already eliminated "all of the gendered greetings in relationship to our live spiels, so we no longer say, 'Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.'" Now, she said, the company is in the process of "changing over those recorded messages" and "working with merchandise, working with food and beverage" to eliminate gender references.

Disney needs to go genderless, Ware said, to "create that magical moment" for people who may not identify with traditional gender roles.

The release of the Ware video comes weeks after the Disney corporation expressed its opposition to a Florida bill that prohibits teaching kindergartners through third-graders about sexual orientation and gender identity.

"In Florida, our policy's going to be based on the best interest of Florida citizens, not on the musing of woke corporations," Gov. Ron DeSantis (R.), who has since signed the bill into law, responded.

A majority of Florida voters, including Democratic primary voters, support the law.

Twitter users ridiculed Ware's comments in replies to Rufo's post.

"This song is canceled," former Washington Free Beacon writer Cameron Cawthorne posted above a link to "A Real Boy," a scene from the Disney classic Pinocchio.

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