Bulldozers Battle in China

A group of rival Chinese construction workers settled a dispute over a contract by engaging their bulldozers in a battle royale on the streets of a town in northern China on Saturday.

The Thunderdome-style throwdown happened in the Xinjiang county of the Hebei province. Video of the brawl shows at least six bulldozers engaged in combat on a busy street in broad daylight. One of the front-end loaders even manages to knock another over.

The mechanized beat down was motivated by a business dispute, the Associated Press reported. The two sides were competing over a construction contract when the disagreement became violent. It's not known what exactly caused the two sides to saddle up on their steel beasts and ram one another like a bunch of drunk rhinos, but the combat left onlookers and motorists running for cover.

The physical engagement ended once police responded to the scene. By then at least two of the hulking machines had been flipped onto their sides.

The confrontation comes as China's construction industry has hit hard times. Though the industry still represents about a quarter of the country's economy, its growth is falling. It has fallen two-thirds from its peak about ten years ago, according to the Associated Press. The pressure has been felt by many construction companies across the country.

Though one man can be seen running away from his overturned front-end loader, there were no injuries reported.