VOX DOT COM, Explained

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May 12, 2014

A couple weeks ago, Sonny Bunch observed that VOX DOT COM, the eight-figure juicebox upstart dedicated to "explaining the news," can seem unbearably pointless at times, and is pretty terrible at explaining things.

Ezra Klein set out to "fix the news," by adding "crucial context," promising to deliver a "completely different product" utilizing a "mix of technological and workflow approaches."  The mission of VOX DOT DOM, he said, was to "build stuff that would be useful for people," or even to "build a new culture."

And what does that "new culture" look like, as constructed by the website purporting to bring us "unique views on policy, from the best in the news," and conversations with "the smartest thinkers" asking "the toughest questions"?

Like this, a Free Beacon analysis has found:


Matthew Yglesias and his amazing technicolor wonksmock.
Matthew Yglesias and his amazing technicolor wonksmock.