The Dumbest Thing Said About the Washington Redskins Controversy (Yet)

'If it's offensive to one person, you've got to change the name'

(photo via Confrontational Media, flickr)
• June 19, 2014 3:19 pm


TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains uncensored references to the Washington R-dsk-ns that some MSNBC hosts might find offensive.

Terence Moore, a columnist for, said the dumbest thing (yet) about the Washington Redskins controversy. It happened on MSNBC, obviously.

Moore told host Ed Schultz that the Redskins name was offensive, and recalled how his alma mater, Miami University of Ohio, changed its mascot from the Redskins to the RedHawks in 1997, after the named was deemed offensive.

Then he said something very dumb about the appropriateness of team names: "If it's offensive to one person, you've got to change the name." (Remarks come at the tail end of the clip.)

That statement is so absurd that even Big Eddy seems reluctant to endorse it, as any sensible person should be, whatever you might think about the Redskins name.

Just imagine the "if it’s offensive to one person" standard applied in real life. The Buffalo Bills, for example, might cease to exist after the name was deemed offensive (by at least one person) due to its association with known sexual predator Bill Clinton. And so on…

Liberals love to mock conservatives for "overreacting" to perceived threats against free speech, and for warning of "slippery slopes." And yet the steady stream of left-wing hysteria targeting Steven Colbert, Orange is the New Black, Trader Joe’s and the Rolling Stones, to name a few recent examples, is a constant reminder that there are crazy people on the left who are largely sympathetic to this nonsense.

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