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Why Is Taylor Swift Ducking the Issues?

Taylor Swift, a musician popular with "young people," is not nearly political enough for the haggard stooges employed by a media-industrial complex thirsty for fresh #content:

I have to say: I'm totally #TeamMarie on this one. AYFKM with this, Tay Tay? Here is a brief-and-incomplete list of things I need Taylor Swift to weigh in on IMMEDIATELY.

I have so many more missives, but this is a good start. Why isn't Taylor Swift answering the questions her fans demand of her? Why is she content to just sing songs and make money? Doesn't she know that useless jagoffs on Twitter need something to argue about? Doesn't she understand she should actively work to antagonize half (or more!) of her audience in order to satisfy the unsatisfiable editors of awful women's magazines and their moronic followers on social media?

Silence is no longer an option, Ms. Swift. This is a new era. Get with the times.