Meet Chanteuse Jess Greenberg (Photos)

YouTube has proven to be a viable A&R department, a platform for anyone with an Internet connection and the faintest belief that they can sing. Joining the likes past YouTube stars Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Rebecca Black is cover artist Jess Greenberg.

Jess Greenberg Facebook

Jess Greenberg Facebook

Greenberg has grown up on YouTube. In her first entry back in 2010, Greenberg is visibly learning as she goes on.

Jump ahead to 2013 and Greenberg has gotten considerably more confident.

Personally, I believe the chanteuse is better equipped for mid-1990s ballads.

Her artistic style has matured into an indie, rock-chick aesthetic.

She does a fine Anna Kendrick, covering "Titanium."

The best part: The songs are just as good when you play them on mute.