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Local Reporter Spotlight: Breana Pitts

There are many paths for a young, optimistic journalist to take on her path to a network anchor’s chair. While some can afford the advantage of nepotism, others toil for years by erecting a career in small and mid-sized markets before making the leap to the big show. It’s pretty much the plot of Anchorman.

But before even a greenhorn journo can begin reporting live from the Poughkeepsie livestock show, she must start as the lowest of the low rungs, a Production Assistant. This week’s local reporter spotlight shines on WHDH’s News Coordinator and aspiring entertainment reporter Breana Pitts. Because she's going places.

Don't let her current position as a News Coordinator fool you. Breana is a seasoned broadcasting vet on Boston's social scene, reporting on the area's entertainment source, Dirty Water TV.

When she was a student at Suffolk University, Breana earned the prestigious "Suffolk in the City" internship that made her a regular on the New England Cable News Network. No doubt I was featured in a couple of her liveshots during my runs up Beacon Street in the midst of the 2012 Presidential Campaign. Believe in America. Believe in Breana.

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Only in broadcasting do you go backwards after internships, getting yanked from in front of the camera at the Red Sox victory parade to the cold news desk, listening to a police scanner.

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As Breana is hustling on the news desk, she's out and about Boston keeping her ear to the streets. A true reporter is always working, even undercover.

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Reporting can be dangerous. Luckily, Breana is expert at whipping her hair back and forth.

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She's also been embedded in the U.S.'s burgeoning EDM scene. I wonder if she's familiar with work of Dee Jay Silver?

Breana hones her craft by reporting on her family's reaction to Patriots games. You can't find a more intense environment from which to report than being surrounded by Pats fans.

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Keep up the stellar work, Breana. And never stop chasing your dream.