Let the Trolling Commence: Liberals Take Shots at Hillary Clinton

Troll so hard.
April 17, 2015

Many liberals support Hillary Clinton because she’s not a Republican and wouldn’t it be awesome to have our first woman president and stuff. Other liberals have actual beliefs when it comes to politics, and aren’t convinced by Clinton’s campaign rationale: "I recently became a grandmother and I really want to be president." Now that Hillary is actually running, some of these liberals are starting to troll her, which is kind of amusing to watch.

Elizabeth Warren supporters, including 13 Going on 30 co-star Mark Ruffalo, have produced a video message urging the Massachusetts Senator to run for president. It features some smart, subtle trolling.

"Dear Senator Warren, I hope you run because I know you don’t need to run, and you don’t care about political power for its own sake" says Alex Melman. "There are some people who have political positions because they’re in politics, and you’re someone who is in politics because you really have positions that you care about."

Then there’s former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who may challenge Hillary for the Democratic nomination. He has previously taken subtle digs at Clinton, saying "the presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families." On Thursday, O’Malley called out Hillary by name for the first time, attacking her poll-driven "evolution" on key left-wing issues, such as gay rights and immigration.

"I'm glad Secretary Clinton's come around to the right positions on these issues," O'Malley said. "I believe that we are best as a party when we lead with our principles and not according to the polls. And every election is about the future. And leadership is about making the right decision and the best decision before sometimes it becomes entirely popular."

No liberal has trolled Clinton more effectively than her former Senate campaign manager, New York mayor Bill de Blasio. First, he declined to endorse Hillary on the day she announced her candidacy, which infuriated the Clinton machine. The mayor then doubled down by saying: "This is a different country we’re living in right now, and I think we need to hear a vision that relates to this time, not eight years ago."

But by far his most clever Clinton troll was this tweet:

For context, this comes a few days after Hillary Clinton was busted for describing all of her grandparents as immigrants, when in fact only one of them was born outside the United States.

(h/t Patrick Brennan)