Here Are Some More Things Hillary Clinton Should Apologize For

8 more things Clinton needs to apologize for


Shortly after a full personality reboot, the new Hillary Clinton issued an apology for her decision to use a secret private email server to handle sensitive information as secretary of state.

Similar to Clinton's other apologies, such as the apology for supporting the Iraq War and the apology for being on the wrong side of many gay rights issues, Clinton made sure to make her expression of regret a half-apology—pointing out that everything she did was "aboveboard" and that she didn't do anything wrong but was sorry anyway because the email thing is hurting her in the polls.

Despite its shortcomings, however, admitting that she "made a mistake" and that she is "sorry about it" is a step in the right direction for Clinton.

According to focus groups consulted by the campaign, Democratic voters wanted to hear an apology from Clinton. If the Clinton campaign wants to hold off the charge from her Democratic primary opponents, it would be wise to keep the apologies coming.

Luckily for her campaign, Clinton has much more to apologize for. Here are eight things Clinton should apologize for next:

1. Her record on the gender pay gap



Clinton owes an apology for hypocrisy on the issue of gender pay inequality to women currently working for her campaign and those who worked for Clinton in her Senate office.

Despite Clinton's rhetoric on closing the gender pay gap, a Washington Free Beacon analysis of official congressional records found that women made just 72 cents for each dollar earned by men. A similar analysis of her current campaign found that women were again being shortchanged.

2. Laughing about her successful defense of a child rapist

Clinton laughed about how as a lawyer in Arkansas she had helped a 41-year-old child rapist avoid jail time based on a technicality, according to a Free Beacon report.

3. Lying about the terrorist attack in Benghazi



Although Clinton eventually said she "took responsibility" for the terror attack that killed four, she has yet to apologize for her lie that the attack was due to "inflammatory material posted on the Internet" that caused a "spontaneous" protest outside the consulate.

4. Forcing the cancellation of beloved Imagination Playground event


Due to the failure by Clinton to consult anybody living on New York City's Roosevelt Island before planning a major event there, the annual Imagination Playground event which was beloved by kids in the community had to be cancelled.

5. Attacking the victims of Bill Clinton's sexual abuse



Clinton has a long history of viciously attacking women who were sexually involved with or manipulated by her husband. She called Monica Lewinsky a "narcissistic looney toon" and called Gennifer Flowers "trailer trash."

Kathleen Willey, who also said she was sexually harassed by Bill Clinton, says that a "terror campaign" was launched against her. Juanita Braddock said she was threatened in person by Clinton multiple times after she was raped by Bill Clinton.

In a taped interview, Clinton referred to her husband's victims as "whiny women."

6. Being too rich

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton / AP

Clinton has been pushed by Bernie Sanders to start talking about income inequality, but has not apologized for her wealth, which is upwards of $100 million.

Last year, Clinton made more money in one speech than Sanders is worth.

7. Her racial attacks on Barack Obama in 2008



Once Clinton realized that Barack Obama was a real threat to her in 2008, her campaign took to negative attacks regarding Obama's race.

One such attack was giving a picture of Obama wearing a turban to Matt Drudge, and then later stating that Obama should not be ashamed to be seen in "his native clothing, in the clothing of his country."

The Clinton campaign also decided to direct attention towards Obama's ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Former President Bill Clinton, for his part, compared Obama's campaign to Jesse Jackson's failed 1988 candidacy.

8. Attending Donald Trump's wedding and taking his money

Winners gonna win. (AP)


Hillary and Bill Clinton attended Republican primary frontrunner Donald Trump's wedding despite a history of comments towards women that his critics have called "disgusting," because Hillary Clinton "thought it would be fun."

The Clintons also accepted large donations from Trump to both the Clinton Foundation and political campaigns.

Clinton has said that Trump's sleazy behavior is "a little more troubling" now that he is running for president, but has yet to apologize for hobnobbing with America's greatest and most fabulous citizen and future leader.