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Gary Oldman: A Career in Gifs (New Substandard!)

In the latest Substandard (subscribe/review, unless you want Vic to quit; if we don't make it to 500 reviews by the end of the year I can't see him signing up for another tour), Vic, JVL, and I discuss, um, watches, before moving on to Darkest Hour (I liked it; JVL did not; Vic was mixed) and Gary Oldman. I've made my case for Oldman in Darkest Hour elsewhere, but what I'd like to do here is use the medium of the blog post to more fully praise his career. What I mean by this is, rather than writing an essay or putting up some listicle with capsule reviews from his years onscreen, I think we can use the form of the blog post a bit more creatively to take a tour through his career—to fully experience his range and the breadth of his transformations. When people say "character actor" they sometimes mean "that guy I recognize from a bunch of movies." But Oldman is rarely recognizable. And he's never the same twice.

(Notably absent from this montage: Tiptoes.)

So, after the embed, let's take a peek at Gary Oldman: A Career in Gifs.