Warren Relies on Rationing in Medicare for All Plan

Cost-cutting measures would likely lead to long wait-times, limited care

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D., Mass.) Medicare for All plan has been widely criticized for what many consider its unrealistic approach to raising revenue, but one expert told the Washington Free Beacon the bigger problem is that the plan pushes health care rationing to keep costs low.

Ron Johnson: Ukrainians Felt No Pressure From White House Over Withheld Aid

New testimony further calls into question Chris Murphy's characterization of Zelensky meeting

Republican senator Ron Johnson (Wis.) said Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky made no mention during their September meeting in Kiev of feeling pressure from the White House to take action in return for military aid, contradicting his Democratic colleague Chris Murphy's characterization of the meeting.

MSNBC Apologizes After Yet Again Ignoring Andrew Yang

Part of pattern for cable outlet

MSNBC apologized Sunday for leaving Andrew Yang off a polling graphic. The left-leaning outlet has made a habit of omitting Yang from its coverage as he pursues the Democratic presidential nomination.