UPDATE: N.M. Democrat Candidate Changes Campaign Bio

Free Beacon reported yesterday that Rael embellished his work history

New Mexico gubernatorial candidate Lawrence Rael / AP


Lawrence Rael, Democratic gubernatorial candidate for New Mexico, edited his campaign website on Friday, following a Washington Free Beacon report that he had embellished his resume for his campaign.

The Free Beacon reported yesterday regarding discrepancies between Rael’s resume and his credentials on his campaign website. Rael claimed he was Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for Albuquerque, N.M. in 1990, though he was only a deputy and executive assistant to the CAO until 1994.

The previous text of his bio read:

"In 1990 he became the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the City of Albuquerque," it says. "He went on to hold that position for 12 years, the longest anyone has held that senior role, serving with three different mayors and working closely with both Democrats as well as Republicans."

Rael’s biography now states that he "later assumed" the role of CAO:

In 1990 he joined the city of Albuquerque and later assumed the role of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), holding that senior role longer than anyone in the city's history, serving with three different mayors and working closely with both Democrats as well as Republicans.

Screenshot of Rael's updated campaign site

Screenshot of Rael's updated campaign site

Rael still claims he "created thousands of jobs" as CAO, and still claims he was deputy secretary of transportation for New Mexico in the 1980s, though according to his resume he was an acting deputy and management analyst.

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