Solyndra Execs Got Raises, then Bonuses

Bankrupt company seeking to retain talent


The Justice Department recently approved a request from the bankrupt solar-panel company Solyndra to award bonuses to employees who received significant pay raises just months earlier, the Washington Times reports.

Several of the nearly two dozen employees at bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra LLC who were approved for bonuses Wednesday had months earlier received pay raises as high as 70 percent, a fact the company never disclosed in its request for bonus cash.

The company's bankruptcy attorneys sought permission for the bonuses in a court hearing, arguing that the extra cash is needed to keep key employees from fleeing only to be replaced by more expensive outside consultants. …

Solyndra sought the bonuses weeks ago, raising the ire of Republican members of Congress who called on the Obama administration to oppose the extra payments. The Justice Department filed no opposition to the request.