Al Qaeda Operative Indicted

Smoke rises from an explosion in an al Qaeda training camp / AP


United States authorities indicted Ibrahim Suleiman Adnan Adam Harun on charges of being an al Qaeda operative, the Associated Press reported Wednesday:

Harun, 43, was born in Saudi Arabia and arrived in Afghanistan shortly before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks so he could fight with an al Qaeda jihad force against U.S. troops, prosecutors said. After receiving further training from the terror group, he allegedly traveled to Africa with orders to attack the U.S. diplomatic sites.

Harun, "who was born in Saudi Arabia, but claims Niger citizenship," according to the Hill, was trained in Afghanistan and "dispatched to commit terrorist attacks throughout the world," U.S. attorney Loretta Lynch said, according to ABC News.

Harun, described as "a prototype al Qaeda operative," was "arrested by Italian authorities on board a refugee ship and was indicted by the United States in February 2012. Italy extradited him to the United States on Oct. 4, 2012," the Hill reported.

Harun could face life in prison if convicted.