Keystone Coincidence

Blogger suggests WaPo, Dem lawmakers coordinated on false story about Keystone and Koch Brothers
Construction of the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline / AP

A pair of congressional Democrats are hyping debunked reporting on Koch Industries in an effort to tie them to the Keystone XL pipeline, leading a prominent conservative blogger to suggest coordination between the Washington Post and Democratic lawmakers.

WaPo Ombudsman Previously Apologized for Anti-Rubin Comments

Described self as ‘glib,’ ‘uninformed,’ and ‘amateurish’ in 2011
Patrick Pexton /

The former Washington Post ombudsman who called on the paper to fire conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin on Thursday wrote an obsequious apology to Rubin after making similar comments in 2011.

Welcome to the Jungle

Column: The Silicon Valley oligarchy comes to Washington
Jeff Bezos / AP

The day after billionaire Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, one of the paper’s columnists, Eugene Robinson, appeared on “Morning Joe.” Robinson is a reliable voice for conventional liberal opinion, and on this particular day, Tuesday, August 6, 2013, conventional liberal opinion held that Bezos’ purchase of the Post for $250 million was an act of bravery and humanity comparable to the Marshall Plan.