Trump vs. Amazon and Jeff Bezos


I’ve mentioned before how troubling I find Donald Trump’s use of the term “the Tiananmen Square riots,” how I think it’s indicative of an authoritarian mindset—or, at least, an authoritarian-curious mindset. Needless to say, then, I also found it disturbing that the presumptive Republican nominee would hint that he might use the power of the federal government to investigate and destroy businesses that displease him.

Here’s Trump, talking to Sean Hannity last night:

Washington Post Changes Article Praising Seth Meyers Pro-Planned Parenthood Segment to Read More Like Straight News

Seth Meyers
8th Annual Clinton Global Citizen Awards, New York, America - 21 Sep 2014

 (Rex Features via AP Images)

A Washington Post article about NBC late-night host Seth Meyers’ anti-GOP, pro-Planned Parenthood segment changed almost completely Thursday from openly praising Meyers’ explanation of the controversy to reading more like a straight news report.